Best way to terminate your pregnancy

Abortion is a term that is used for describing termination of pregnancy. Basically, it is a termination of pregnancy with the help of medicines and pills. These pills are approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration). These pills are famous with the name of abortion pills. Medical abortion is the preferred kind of termination of pregnancy during the few weeks of pregnancy. The medication that are used for the abortion purpose is is totally different from the “morning pill” or “emergency contraceptive pills” so, it is highly recommended that you should take full proof consultation with your Gynecologist or from good clinic who can guide you full about this step.

What medications used for medical abortion?

There are two medication used for medial abortion. Mifepristone &  Misoprostol. These two medicines plays a vital role or main role in this treatment. These medicines are providing for the safe and effective termination of pregnancy.

How These Pills work?

Mifepristone is the first pill that you need to take it orally when you visit an abortion clinic for medical abortion process. Mifepristone helps in blocking the harmone which helps in maintaining the pregnancy. As it helps in blocking the harmone, it results in bleeding also. The second one tablet i.e. Misoprostol is taken under 24 to 72 hours later which helps in terminating the pregnancy. Generally it takes 8 hours after taking tablet. According to the doctors and experts, If your pregnancy is 8 weeks and lesser, medical termination of pregnancy is the best.
At the illinoisabortion Abortion Clinic, Gynecologist will explain how to take these pills in the safe way. they will take care about you on each and every steps. After conformation about termination of pregnancy, doctor would ask you to take medicine Mifepristone at the clinic, and after some time you might begin to bleed as it force harmone to stop work. After some time, they would ask you to take 2nd medicine i.e. Misoprostol after 24 to 72 hours. After taking Misoprostol, you might feel some uncomfortable. You might experience clotting and bleeding, cramping. Bleeding and clotting is differ from woman to woman and with this passing of large clots is a sign that the embryo has passed too.

For the safe termination, it is highly recommended to you to visit clinic after two weeks for review to make sure that your medication terminated our pregnancy in the desired way. Medical abortion is fully safe. Most of the women have no problem during all the process but exception is always there. Some women need aspiration abortion to completely clear the process of abortion.

Effects of medication in the termination of pregnancy.
generally, there is no side effect of medical abortion. But due to the property of the tablets, you may have some side effects like bleeding, vomiting, heavy cramping and headaches. These side effects are no long term effects so no need to get worried about these all. The best thing is that women will not face any fertility problem with these Medical Abortion process.

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