What is Abortion Pill?

Abortion pills are the simple pills same like other tablets but their work is totally different from others. They are also called termination pills. These pills are basically use for termination of pregnancy. These pills are 100% safe and approved by FDA. Pregnancy termination pills are oral contraceptive for termination of pregnancy.

Abortion Pills are the safest and fastest medical abortion process. Mainly, it is a consolidated process of taking two pills:

  1. Mifepristone
  2. Misoprostol

The combination of these two pills called abortion pill. These two pills help in termination of early pregnancy i.e. the pregnancy of 7 to 8 weeks without any type of complications. It is used by all the women who preffer painless, general and self termination abortion at their home.

How Abortion Pill Works?

Mifepristone, it is an anti progesterone tablet which works to stop the supply of all the necessary things to grow embryo. Apart from that, Misoprostol is required for discharging the dead embryo from the mother body and for successful abortion. Successful abortion can be achieved only when these two tablets work perfectly. For perfection work, it is must to take these dosages in a prescribed manner. According to the experts for the better results, these tablets you need to takes very carefully according to the prescribed way.

What are the dosage suggestions for Abortion Pill?

The overall kit contains 5 tablets 1 mifepristone and other 4 are mifeprostol. Each tablet is 200mg. The dose of this kit is perfect for Termination of Pregnancy . make sure that you are using this kit within 49 to 63 days of your pregnancy. In case if these days are exceeds, you need to consult with Private Abortion Clinics as they are best one who can provide you genuine guidance about your query. About this kit, you can also consult with your family doctor or with your Abortion Clinic Illinois.

What Precautions you need to take during the course of Abortion Pill?

During the medication of Pregnancy Termination Pills, it is highly recommended to keep away from the consumption of alcohol, smoking, or anything that contains harmful substance for our body. Women or girls who are suffering asthma, heart disease, diabetes or any other kind of problem should 1st consult with your doctor and then you should take step about this. Your doctor consultation is most important at this time.

Mainly, Medical Abortion is most easy process of termination of pregnancy but most of the women do not know the exact process.


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